Upcoming Events

Current Engagements

Find out how to become the woman God planned for you to be in the study at The Vail Church starting January 17 at 8:30AM. Look for an event at High Plains Correctional Facility coming soon. - Please let Olga know if you would like to participate as part of the event team.

Speaking Topics

 Finding Joy in Your Journey-teachings from the book of Philippians
 For Such a Time as This-teachings from the book of Esther
 The God of the Old Testament and What It Means Today
 Faith Builders and Faith Busters-how God builds our faith and the barriers that keep us from growing
 A Walk on the Wild Side-teachings on the life of Abraham
 Matters of the Heart-developing the kind of heart God wants us to have
 Parenting with Purpose-how to be Christian parents in today's world
 Servanthood in the 21st Century-how and where God wants us to serve Him today
 What in the World Is Going On? How God Is at work in these times
 Who Me?- Teachings from the life of Gideon
 How to Escape the Downward Spiral--what to do when life seems out of control
 Mountains or Molehills-what should be our priorities in life and what is really important
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